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land survey in progress

Whether you are purchasing or selling property or applying for building permits, a land survey is a crucial part of the process. It helps you determine the proper boundaries, gives you information that is necessary for planning and construction, and also helps avoid legal issues regarding the occupancy of your land. Read our blog to learn more about land surveying and why it is important. Land surveying is divided into different types to meet specific requirements. However, this means that sometimes more than one type of survey will be necessary. It also means that one should be fairly knowledgeable about choosing the right survey. Alberta Geomatics Inc. has been providing land surveying services in Edmonton for over 16 years. In this blog, we have outlined the procedures of a few important types of land surveys and under what requirements they are useful.

Have a look at the different types of land surveys below:

  • Boundary Survey This is the most common type of land survey as it is a necessary step for many other surveys. A land surveyor will precisely determine the outlines of the property with the help of survey plans, witness testimony, and other relevant factors as required. A boundary survey will help settle any boundary disputes and establish the legal extent of the property lines if you have just purchased a property.

  • Subdivision Survey Subdivision is the process of dividing a large property into multiple smaller properties. Once the dimensions of the divisible land are settled on, the boundaries of the newly divided properties are marked up. Anyone who wants to divide their property has to get a subdivision survey done. Land surveyors will help you with the entire subdivision process; from municipal planning to registration for land titles.

  • Topographic Survey Topographic surveys allow you to create a development plan for your property. It gives you specific measurement details including land and boundary features which are necessary for any real estate, grading, or civil engineering projects. During the early stages, you can make changes to your project’s design with our survey reports. Topographic surveys are also essential to have your property comply with construction regulations.

  • Residential Development Permit Plan While planning the improvements on a property, it is necessary to take into account all the factors of the area. The permit plan uses a combination of the boundary survey and topographical survey. A residential development permit is necessary to apply to building permits for housing.

Knowing what land survey would suit your requirements will help you save money. Count on Alberta Geomatics Inc if you need more help deciding. We provide expert commercial and residential surveys, condominium surveys, and subdivision surveys. Contact us today to hire land surveyors to survey your property.


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