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Alberta Geomatics provides a variety of surveying services, including REAL PROPERTY REPORTS across Edmonton, for municipal and rural residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We are one of the most reliable and accurate property surveyors in Edmonton. We are focused on continuous growth and providing accurate assessment practices.

We are able to provide surveying services for many applications, such as:

Please contact our real property surveyors in St. Alberta to make an appointment.



16. A surveyor and his authorized assistants may, using reasonable care, pass over, measure along and ascertain the bearings of any line or boundary, and for those purposes may pass over or through the land of any person, but the surveyor is liable for any damage the surveyor or his assistants cause.

(SA 2000 cS-29 s16)

If you are interested in learning more about land surveying or receiving a REAL PROPERTY REPORT for your Edmonton property, contact us today!


A real property survey gives you a complete picture of a land's condition, which allows you to make an informed decision regarding construction, sale and purchase. There are many reasons to choose property surveys, such as:

  • Boundary clarification: With real property surveys, you can prevent boundary disputes. They can make the boundaries of the property clearly defined, which can help avoid ownership issues and hold-ups in construction.

  • Land valuation: With a real property survey, you can detect any problems with the land you're planning to purchase. This can help your bargaining position when making the negotiation. It can also ensure that you get a fair price.

  • Environmental issues: A property can have countless environmental issues such as flooding when it rains, erosion and other problems. These problems can have a negative impact on your use of the property. A property survey can help in the identification of any existing issues.

  • Where to build: With a property survey, you can find out which part of the property is suitable for construction. It can give you details about the existing utilities, topography and terrain.

A real property survey from our property surveyors in St. Albert can facilitate your real estate transaction and enable you to make the right choice. Please contact us if you'd like to work with us. You can also consult our blog for more information.



Get in contact with the team of professional land surveyors at Alberta Geomatics today.

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