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Request Real Property Reports in Edmonton

If you are planning to buy or sell a real estate property, you want to be absolutely sure about what it includes and where it is located. Receiving Real Property Reports (RPR) in Edmonton from Alberta Geomatics Inc. can help identify and resolve problems before a sale is finalized. An RPR will let you know accurate locations and dimensions of buildings, improvements, rights-of-way, and encroachments relative to the boundaries of the property. They ultimately make property transactions much simpler.


At Alberta Geomatics Inc., we have been helping both residential and commercial clients by providing RPRs of their properties in Edmonton since 2004. Whether you are buying or selling your property, it is important to know the actual property lines and corners of the land to avoid any potential problems or disputes.


You can order Real Property Reports in Edmonton today using the form provided or contact us today for more information!

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What Is a Real Property Report?

An RPR is a document that provides an accurate representation of a property. Prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor, it documents the following:

>  Municipal address of the property.

>  Property boundaries with detailed dimensions.

>  Any visible encroachments upon the property.

>  Adjacent roads and buildings.

>  Land title records and names of registered owners.

>  Illustrations of easements.

>  Comments and opinions from the land surveyor.


Is a Real Property Report Required?

Yes, a Real Property Report is required to facilitate hassle-free real estate transactions. An RPR is a vital piece of document that holds significance for property owners, buyers, sellers, and municipalities. With a detailed illustration of real estate properties, the document brings much-needed clarity into property boundaries and encroachments. If you are selling your property, an RPR in Edmonton from Alberta Geomatics Inc. can ensure a smooth transfer and protection from legal liabilities at a later date. For a buyer, an RPR allows complete visualization of the property and building through accurate dimensions. Getting a Real Property Report is the best way to ensure transparency and rule out violations and disputes.


What Is the Cost of Real Property Reports?

The cost of a report is unique to each case and depends on several factors, including:


Lot size

Naturally, a bigger lot size will drive up the report's cost.


Lot shape

The shape of the lot will determine the kind of work our team will carry out, which, in turn, will affect costs.



Usually, older properties elevate the costs.


Number of buildings

The higher the number of buildings, the higher the prices will be.


Survey evidence

The availability of survey evidence that defines boundaries will decrease the cost of the report.


All of these factors together determine the final cost of your report. For instance, an older property with a lower number of buildings might cost less than a newer one with many. To get a better idea of your real property report's cost, call us to get an accurate quote.


Benefits of Real Property Reports

Over the years, we have provided real property reports to many clients. Our reports come with countless benefits for residential property owners, including:

>  You can get a good idea of your property's issues and deal with them before they worsen, decreasing the cost of repairs.

>  You can get an understanding of the boundaries of your property and what constitutes encroachment.

>  These reports will simplify any future sales of your residential property.

>  They will ensure that your home and its features adhere to the bylaws.


The Validity of Real Property Reports

Since a Real Property Report represents a real estate property, it remains valid until there are changes to any aspect of the property. When there are new improvements in the building or modifications on your fence, your old RPR in Edmonton does not hold good anymore and has to be updated. You can request Alberta Geomatics Inc. for an updated Real Property Report in Edmonton. The new record will document the changes to your property and again provide an accurate representation.


Get Your RPR for Edmonton Properties

Make your real estate transactions safe and hassle-free with a Real Property Report.

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