Three Reasons to Hire an Experienced Land Surveyor

Land surveying in Alberta cannot occur unless that individual has the proper permits. Even if a property owner bought the necessary equipment, their findings aren't official.

If you cannot do the job yourself, how should you go about surveying your property? Find yourself a knowledgeable, licensed land surveyor.

What does a land surveyor do? First and foremost, they reinforce or establish property lines. They use on-site techniques and consult previous surveys to create their reports.

Land surveyors in Edmonton are a vital part of the property improvement process. Still not convinced? Here are the top three reasons to hire a local land surveyor.


1. Protect Your Business Investments

How do you know the land you're set to buy is the size the seller claims? Is there a way to see if neighbouring properties encroached on the land? These are important, money-saving questions to ask yourself before signing a sales agreement.

As a buyer or seller, your best option is to work with professional land surveyors in Edmonton. They know all bylaws and how to access information about the property.

A survey will also let you know if the property isn't in compliance with municipal orders. A surprise fire code violation can stall work on the property. 

2. Assistance in Construction Planning

You've invested in a large building project like condos or a subdivision, but now what? How does one take an empty property and divide it up for these kinds of projects?

The first step is to make a plan for the project which a land surveyor can help create. This plan takes the entire property and divides it into single-family units. It should show where the common areas, like playgrounds, will go.

To build a condo or subdivision in Edmonton, you must have a plan on file. Without the plan, you cannot get building permits for the property. The plan allows the municipality to create sales titles for the individual units. 

3. Reporting for Required Legal Documentation

When you sell a property, you're responsible for any problems found during the process. If you plan to sell, look into getting a land survey as early as possible. Give yourself plenty of time to address the survey findings.

Land surveyors provide a document called a Real Property Report. The report includes:

  • A full diagram of the property
  • Dimensions of property boundaries
  • Names of nearby roads
  • Dimensions of all structures on the property
  • Easements for things like utilities
  • Any encroachment onto or off of the property

The report should cover all the information the municipality needs. Sometimes they will ask for clarifying information before approving building permits.

Update the Real Property Report with your land surveyor before each improvement project. This way you know you're following the bylaws.

Looking for Land Surveyors in Edmonton?

Land surveyors provide unbiased information you can trust. They're also important members of your property development team.

Without land surveyors, there wouldn't be any subdivisions or condos. Your neighbour's fence line could end up in your yard. Buying and selling a property would become a gamble, not an investment.

Are you planning to sell your property or invest in a condominium? Your first step is to call the experts at Alberta Geomatics Inc.

Since 2004 we've helped Edmonton residents achieve their property improvement goals. We walk you through the entire surveying process so you're never confused.